Empowering a Healthier Workforce
Year Round Wellness Program

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Year Round Wellness Program

The Year Round Wellness Program is our marquee product, offering proven, self-directed programs and activities strategically designed to increase awareness, education and member engagement throughout the year. Quarterly focuses include Stress and Emotional Health, Physical Activity, Nutrition, and Medical Self-Care and Consumerism. The goal of this program is to:

  • KEEP the healthy population healthy
  • ENCOURAGE those at higher risk to take action
  • PROMOTE and achieve sustainable behavior change
  • CREATE a culture of wellness at the workplace

Segmented into quarterly “waves” of awareness (month 1), education (month 2), and engagement (month 3), the Year Round Wellness Program continuously encourages members to learn and to do more for their health and well-being, delivering proven results. And we make it easy to administer, with monthly Wellness Coordinator Newsletters, a detailed plan with step-by-step guidance, and access to an online Employer Resource Center with tools you can download.

Program strategy and materials are based on evidence-based health and wellness research, delivering optimal results. The program includes a comprehensive year-round communication plan, a wellness client and member portal and promotional materials, including seminars, challenges, newsletter articles, email messages, and more. Materials are available in English and Spanish and can be delivered in print or online – computer, tablet and mobile devices. Spouses, domestic partners, dependents (13 years old or older) and retirees are welcome to enroll.