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Wellness Portal

Our Wellness Portal has been recognized with numerous awards.
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Wellness Portal

For Members:

Our award-winning Wellness Portal combines plan data, gaming concepts, behavioral and healthcare expertise to deliver targeted information, seminars, health challenges and the ability to track personal activities and incentive status in real-time. Members will have ready-access to key information, including:

  • Wellness Assessment and Preventive Screening results
  • Real-time incentive tracking dashboard
  • Bulletin board promoting activities and other helpful information and announcements
  • Information on a wide range of medical and lifestyle topics
  • Activity trackers
  • Food journal, new recipes and weekly specials
  • Suggested workouts for increased activity
  • Fitness videos and more!

For Clients:

A segment of the Wellness Portal serves as a resource center for employers, providing ready-access to materials and valuable information needed to promote and support a successful wellness initiative. Through the Employer Resource Center, Wellness Coordinators and Champions can access:

  • Promotional materials to help encourage participation
  • Articles for use in company newsletters
  • Best practices, tips and guides
  • Wellness program reports and more!

All portal features and functions are accessible via smartphones and tablet devices.