Empowering a Healthier Workforce
Wellness Assessment

One easy step to take inventory of the overall health of your organization.

Wellness Assessment

Our company’s proprietary Wellness Assessment questionnaire (available online and in print), collects personal health and behavioral information from members, providing a sense of your workforce’s health risks and their willingness to make changes. Confidential and easy to use, our Wellness Assessment provides accurate information about the health of your organization:

  • Determines behavior change readiness and provides specific feedback for improvement
  • Provides a basis for personal and organizational risk-shift evaluation when conducted annually

Members receive a Wellness Assessment report with proactive recommendations, written at a level that makes understanding easy for any level of employee. Clients receive a comprehensive aggregate-level report with strategic recommendations about program design (individual member data is not shared with the employer).

The questionnaire was designed and is routinely updated to reflect input from various clinical and actuarial experts, and reflects societal and environmental changes that occur over time.