Empowering a Healthier Workforce

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The effectiveness of your program is only as good as your ability to engage participants, measure data, and utilize results to make continual improvements. We offer a comprehensive reporting package that includes:

For Clients:

  • Executive Summary Report – An overview of your workforce’s health risk status and readiness to change. The data provides guidance to improve overall health and to reduce risks.
  • Program Participation Report – Information about who is engaged in which activities, including who has achieved an incentive.
  • Health Coaching Report – An ongoing review of Health Coaching engagement and progress for those identified as at-risk during the assessment period.
  • Screening Summary Report – A picture of the biometric health risks within the organization. Available with a custom wellness solution for larger employers.
  • Year End Review Report – Provides a detailed summary of all programs, incentive strategy, communication plan and recommendations for the future.

For Members:

  • Biometric Results – Members who complete a Preventive Screening receive a copy of their personal biometric results.
  • Personal Wellness Report – Members receive a Personal Wellness Report that combines biometric values that have been loaded into our system, along with Wellness Assessment data. The report focuses on various risks specific to each participant including lifestyle issues, personal health history, safety concerns, nutrition, and exercise along with recommended areas for improvement. A summary of biometric values and the participant’s wellness score are included, as well as links to different resources to learn more about the risks specific to them.

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