Empowering a Healthier Workforce
Health Coaching

Help at-risk members improve their health status and reduce risks.

Health Coaching

Changing behaviors, especially bad ones, can be challenging. That’s where a Health Coach helps.

Including Health Coaching in your wellness solution provides an extra boost for employees who are at-risk and who need and want to make changes to improve their health. Highly-personalized, Health Coaching offers one-on-one assistance to those who need it most. Professional coaches listen and work with members to set reasonable goals—from nutrition and exercise to emotional well-being. These personal interactions create a lasting, positive impact and help boost wellness program results.

Goals of the Health Coaching program…

  • To improve health status and reduce risks identified in Preventive Screening and Wellness Assessment results.
  • To deliver healthier participants that result in cost savings, increased productivity, improved employee morale and better overall organizational health and wellness.

The program typically includes four scheduled, one-on-one sessions, supplemented with emails, text messages, online content and print resources, plus follow-up activities, worksheets and ongoing health education related to specific risks. Members can also use a toll-free number to call a Health Coach in between sessions.

Our Health Coaches have many years of experience working with a diverse group of members and employers. All of our Health Coaches have at least a bachelor’s degree in a specialty area related to health and wellness. Many of our Health Coaches have advanced degrees.