Empowering a Healthier Workforce
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A strong wellness solution should include effective tools that engage, educate and motivate members, empowering them to learn, make their health a priority and take action.

Products & Services

Our focus is on improving the health of your workforce and providing you with tools and expertise to achieve the results you are looking for. Our ongoing programs empower employees to change their own health —and the overall health of your organization. Our wellness solutions include effective tools that engage, educate, and motivate your employees. We challenge them to learn, to make their health a priority and to take action.

  • Year Round Wellness ProgramOur marquee product. Our program offers proven, self-directed campaigns and activities strategically designed to increase awareness, education and member engagement throughout the year. Continuously encourages employees to learn and to do more for their own health.
  • Wellness AssessmentConfidential and easy to use. Our proprietary Wellness Assessment questionnaire collects personal health and behavioral information from employees, providing a sense of your workforce’s health risks and willingness to make changes.
  • Preventive ScreeningA clear picture of physical health. Biometric screenings will provide your employees a baseline of information about cholesterol, blood pressure, triglycerides, glucose, height, weight, body mass index and waist circumference. This baseline will allow you to measure changes and improvements to the health of your organization.
  • Health CoachingOne-on-one support for those who need it most. Changing behaviors can be challenging. That’s where our professional Health Coaches can make an impact. Health Coaching included in your wellness solution provides an extra boost for your employees who are at-risk and who need and want to make changes to improve their health.
  • DiabetesConnect — Our next generation health improvement solution for diabetes. The program leverages the industry’s only state-of-the-art cellular glucometer combined with our robust member engagement and analytics platform and enhanced messaging capabilities, and integrates with the member’s care teams to improve health, productivity, quality of life and reduce costs. Unlike other programs, we’ll know who is testing and can deliver personalized, right time interactions and messaging.

We will collaborate with you to design a wellness solution that is right for you — based on your data, demographics, resources and objectives. We’ll even help you decide if a participation-based, activity or health contingent program is best for you, and recommend the appropriate level of incentives to maximize the value of your program. Our clients also rely on our services and expertise to get the greatest value from their wellness program year-round. As an Accountable Health Solutions client you’ll benefit from:

  • Wellness Advisory ServicesWellness advisors who deliver results. Account Executives will work closely with you to fine tune your wellness strategy. From program design, incentives, implementation and ongoing program management, our Account Executives have the expertise to shape successful wellness programs.
  • Wellness PortalA one-stop wellness shop. Our award-winning portal combines plan data, gaming concepts, behavioral and healthcare expertise to deliver targeted information, seminars, health challenges, and the ability to track your employees’ personal activities and incentive status in real-time. It also includes an Employer Resource Center with robust tools and information to help employers successfully manage their wellness program with ease.
  • ReportingInformation critical for personal and corporate wellness decisions. We will provide you with comprehensive management reports and personal reports so you can measure data and employee engagement and utilize those results to refine your program parameters and design.